Marketing Executive (Retail Mall)

Job Description

1. Marketing Activities Planning

  • Need to list down all the marketing activities-pre-plan/activate plan/post-plan
  • Follow up on the marketing enquiries
  • To schedule and prepare a 1 year marketing budget
  • To assist in the marketing activities within the shopping mall

2. Administrative Functions

  • Update on the weekly Marketing Report
  • Update all the pre-plan/activate/post-plan marketing events/activities
  • To ensure the check list of each marketing documentations
  • Make arrangement for the payment and execution of the marketing contracts
  • To ensure all leasing activities planned are implemented to achieve company/group/individual goal

3. Market Survey

  • Keep up to date, compile and update the latest marketing trend especially in retail industry
  • Market survey and keep update the competitors marketing analysis

4. Functions

  • Assisting in planning, and executing marketing/promotion/events activities according to agreed budgets for the shopping mall, and timescales.
  • Working closely with other departments i.e leasing/operation/maintenance/M&E department/security
  • Establish good relationships with tenants/event management companies/PR companies/local councils/medias/advertising agencies/aponsorships/NGOs, and etc
  • Involvement in negotiation with tenants/sponsorship partners/event agencies
  • To assist in preparing new year business plan

5. Database

  • Maintain and expend the business associate database as well as develop new business trend


1. Degree in Business Administration – major in Marketing
2. Minimum 2 years working experience
3. Proficiently in business letter writing especially in Bahasa Malaysia and English