As an infantry officer, General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz served in several capacities in RMR battalions, reaching the level of Commanding Officer.

He was assigned as Military Assistant to the Chief of Defence Force in 1985. As a Colonel, he was appointed as Commandant of the Army Combat Training Centre, as well as Chief of Staff in the Department of Planning and Development.

After retirement as the Chief of the Malaysian Armed Forces in 2009, he was posted as the Ambassador of Malaysia to France in May 2010.

General Tan Sri Abdul Aziz was a graduate of the Malaysian Armed Forces (MAF) Staff College and MAF Defence College. He also earned his Masters Degree in Management from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Manila in 1995/1996.

He received an Honorary Doctorate in Leadership and Management from UNITAR on 16 December 2007 and Honorary Doctorate in Management from the Malaysian University of Sabah on 25 August 2008